Our Facility – Goal Driven Fit

Our Facility

Community Focused...Results Driven

Goal Driven Fitness is not your ordinary gym.

What Makes Us Different?

We base on a philosophy of seeing the greatness in yourself and in those around you. Goal Driven Fitness is a “Community” first and a “gym” second. Anyone can exercise more and eat less, but with over 30+ years combined of experience we have learned that it takes a lot more than that to reach any goal! The people around you, sweating with you, struggling with you, winning around you are a KEY factor in you not only reaching your goals, but continuing to progress far after your goals are accomplished.

Our Facility:

Goal Driven Fitness is a 9000 sq ft training facility without all the elaborate fancy machines you might be accustomed in seeing at a globo gym. What we do is have an array of functional equipment from barbells and bumpers to prowlers and climbing ropes.

Kids Room:

We provide a dedicated Kids room area where your children can hang out while you workout! We have a monitor located where you workout so you can always keep an eye on them. Our Kids room area is not a daycare center but a room for the kids to stay in and enjoy while the parents get there WOD in!