Ignite – Goal Driven Fit


Are you looking for a way to make a drastic change in your health but not sure where to start? Are you not sure if CrossFit is right but know a globo gym doesn’t work for you either?

Through the use of constantly varied high intensity workouts, Ignite Classes will help you improve your overall health, self-confidence and quality of life. This class is designed for those interested in increasing their endurance and overall fitness without heavy lifting or high skill gymnastics. There are no barbell movements. Quick and dirty workouts with dumbbells, boxes, plyometrics, Air Assault Bikes, Concept II indoor rowers, prowlers, sleds, sprints, and bodyweight movements!

Ignite classes are designed with a physiological phenomenon in mind known as “EPOC”. Excess post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, meaning you will work to a moderately intense heart rate zone. This style of training where we hit our “peak” zones for 10-15 minutes will produce an “afterburner” effect, which increases the metabolic rate for up to 36 hours post workout. Overall, Ignite Classes will gear you towards overall health benefits both through central fatigue cardiovascular training and resistance training, which will quickly lead to firing up your metabolic rate, and resulting in total body weight loss, giving you that great aesthetic look you’ve been chasing!


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