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Aspiring Competitors



The Sport of Fitness has arrived.

CrossFit has become the epitome of the “sport of fitness.” A CrossFit competition occurs locally every month, and often every weekend. Most of these competitions offer athletes a chance to compete against their peers as individuals or teams. They usually feature several CrossFit style workouts mixed in with various single modality exercises (a run, a lift, a gymnastic movement). Many CrossFit competitions now offer substantial prizes for the winners including cash payments.

The CrossFit Games is the Superbowl of fitness. Many athletes have committed themselves entirely to this sport and to earning a spot in the Games as an individual or as part of a team. Since the sponsorship of Reebok in 2011 which brought a $1,000,000 purse to the Games, the Interest in the sport of CrossFit is growing exponentially, from 70 total competitors in the CrossFit Games in 2007, 60,000 participants in the CrossFit Games Open in 2012 to more than 138,000 in the 2013 Open.

Preparation for CrossFit competitions, especially the CrossFit Open, the Regionals and the CrossFit Games requires disciplined workout programming that covers a broad range of fitness and skills with an emphasis on strength training and attacking weaknesses. Programming follows a strength / metcon bias calendar designed to qualify athletes for the Regionals and prepare them for the eventual load during the Regionals and the Games.

CFF Members that participate in our Game Prep program follow a competition programming strategy. All members, individuals, teams and Masters athletes have access to experienced CrossFit competition coaches to help refine and address their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Preparation for competitions must also include practice in a competitive environment as individuals and as teams. Athletes perform at higher levels in competitive environments than when training on their own. CFF organizes training schedules for small and large groups of Comp/Team athletes to provide a highly competitive training environment. CFF also provides dedicated weekly Comp/Team classes so that athletes can train together as teams and against each other as individuals. And, for athletes with challenging schedules, CFF has Open Gym most hours of the day so that athletes can do their workouts, skill and strength training done on their own time.

We have created a dedicated program to support our athletes (individuals, Masters and affiliate team) that includes periodic in-house competitions, weekly group workouts and specialized programming. And as we get closer to the Games we’ll have more specialized classes tailored to competition preparation. Nothing pushes a competitive athlete more than competition itself. Our athletes work hard to keep each other at their best.

To participate in our in-house competitions, weekly group workouts and competition classes, you must have at least 6 months of CrossFit under your belt and be proficient at all of the primary CrossFit movements.

Programming, Open Gym and Coaching are INCLUDED in your Tailored Game Prep Membership. $50 additional cost will be added to your Monthly Membership to be part of the CFF Comp/Team Game Prep Program.

If you’re interested in participating or if you’re not sure about your ability to participate, just email our Head Coach, Jorge Vega at

CrossFit Fever Affiliate Teams

Participating on a team is different than as an individual and can be more stressful since the entire team may have to rely on an individual’s performance. Team members must be incredibly fit with complementing skills and abilities. They must be able to work together effortlessly. Therefore, the team must train together often prior to competitions. Since CrossFit Fever will not pick the best athletes until after the CrossFit Open, all team candidates must devote plenty of training time to working out with other potential teammates months prior.

So, what are the standards for training with the Fever teams? They consist of a few strength and gymnastic requirements along with some workout performance standards

Choosing the 6 members and 2 reserve members to be on the team to represent CrossFit Fever at the Games is not an easy process. The Team athletes must be some of the fittest athletes at CFF, work well on team and be a part of the community.


What does all this mean for CrossFit Fever?

What does this mean for you and our gym? If you want to compete at CrossFit, our Competition Program insures that you will have a dedicated group of competitors and coaches to help you achieve your maximum potential as a CrossFit athlete. Top competitors know you must train with others that challenge you in order to improve your game.

For our gym, a dedicated competition training program for CrossFit athletes serves provides us great information to help us program for all our members. Think: Porsche, Honda and Jaguar. What these companies learn in racing, they apply to their everyday cars to enhance performance. So do we.

And, for all of our community who loves to cheer for our athletes, year-round preparation for the Games helps CrossFit Fever produce winning athletes and teams!


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